The pilates Studio

Our beautiful private boutique Pilates studio is nestled at the foot of the south downs in rural Washington and is fully equipped with the latest Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Pilates chair, tower bench and ladder barrel and is designed for both rehabilitation and fitness.

The large Pilates equipment (often referred to as ‘machines’ or apparatus) are extremely effective in directly targeting particular muscles in a way that traditional techniques are unable to do, making it possible to get effective results in a relatively short amount of time.

In the studio you will receive 1:1 tuition and programmes individually designed to meet your individual needs and goals whether you are looking to enhance your fitness or recovering from injury.

The private studio is also perfect for those wanting to first gain strength, technique and confidence before joining group mat classes.

This is your personal fitness journey and Rock Pilates fitness and rehabilitation studio has everything you need to get you there faster and effectively.

pilates equipment at the studio

Ladder Barrel
Pilates chair

what are pilates machines?

Pilates studio ‘machines’ were originally designed by Joseph Pilates to facilitate recovery among war veterans in hospital but later were used primarily by dancers and athletes for performance enhancement. Nowadays, they are widely used in Pilates studios for both rehabilitation and fitness.

Rock Pilates studio has the reformer, Pilates chair, tower bench and ladder barrel as well as all of the smaller equipment often found in a mat class to support the larger apparatus. For most of the equipment clients are able to sit, stand or lie-down whilst using the equipment which makes it perfect for clients who need that extra support.

The majority of machines use a system of adjustable spring resistances to challenge muscles and strengthen joints depending on the client’s purpose and individual needs using foot straps, handles, jump board, bars and boxes. As the body can be supported throughout without load bearing, the machines are highly adaptable and versatile and perfect for any level of fitness from rehabilitation through to sports performance enhancement.

Who Is It For?

Clients recovering from injury or living with conditions such as arthritis.
Fitness – studio Pilates circuits are a great way to rapidly increase fitness and even includes a cardio element.
Sports conditioning including dance, martial arts, gymnastics.

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Get Moving. Keep Moving.


The fitness and rehab studio is ideal for rehabilitation from injury, surgery or anybody living with physical limitations or conditions. Clients may be recovering from hip or knee replacements recovering from a slip, trip or fall, whilst other clients may be living with painful conditions such as arthritis. However, they all have one thing in common – they all want to get moving and get back to normal life again, as soon as possible.


During the first consultation clients are observed and assessed to understand pre-existing movement patterns, physical impairments or restrictions and imbalances and programme is then designed to meet that client’s individual needs.


The Pilates ‘machines’ are not only ideal for restoring function following injury or surgery but in helping to maintain mobility and build strength for those living with conditions such as arthritis, back pain or postural imbalances. The machines can support a client’s weight thereby reducing stress on joints whilst increasing flexibility, developing core strength to better support joints and reduce pain.


Over time the client becomes the expert in their own recovery, developing a better understanding of their own body and helping to prevent further injury down the line as their knowledge grows.


The large Pilates machines are often used to complement, support and enhance a client’s existing physiotherapy programmes, often after having been referred in by their GP, physiotherapist, osteopath or other health professional, Rock Pilates will then work collaboratively wherever possible to ensure the best outcome for the client.

Rehab sessions are normally on a 1:1 basis but wherever possible we can accommodate up to 2 rehab clients at a time, although it is worth bearing in mind that as sessions are individually tailored to meet different needs and abilities, if a client has a specific condition that requires focused attention it may not always be advisable.


What will it do?


The Pilates machines will:


Increase your flexibility by lengthening tight muscles and mobilising stiff joints
Improve overall muscle tone, strengthen muscles and stabilise weak joints to support you in day to day activities
Improve balance and restore confidence
Help to reduce pain from arthritis and other similar conditions
Build core strength for a faster and more effective return to fitness
Give you a leaner and more toned appearance
Strengthen the mind as well as the body because as we become physically stronger, so we feel mentally stronger


Rehabilitation & Beyond


Our ethos is for rehabilitation and beyond therefore once a client has recovered, we don’t stop there, as then the challenge is to become fitter, leaner and stronger than before, in both body and mind.


When clients get to a certain stage of recovery or have regained strength and mobility, many carry on purely for fitness in order not to lose it again and switch to fitness maintenance sessions as they quickly notice their balance, strength, mobility and overall fitness improve, not just in the studio but in their day to day lives. Plenty of clients are now on this next part of their journey and are back enjoying life but now that they have their fitness back, they understand they need to keep it up.

explore pilates fitness

If you love Pilates and enjoy gym circuits then Rock Pilates fitness circuits have the perfect blend for you as whatever your existing fitness, Pilates fitness circuits will help you become fitter, leaner and stronger.
Take That First Step to Getting Fit


Fitness circuits use all the equipment in the studio to provide an all body workout slowly increasing in challenge over the weeks and even includes cardio elements! Whilst sessions tend to be on a 1:1 basis, they can also be booked as a 2:1 – perfect for those wanting to get fit alongside friends!


Try Adding Pilates Fitness Circuits To Your Fitness Routine


Rock Pilates’ circuit workouts have a bootcamp feel and will support and enhance your existing work out perfectly, whether that’s in the gym, with a personal trainer, or for activity-specific performance training and conditioning. Whatever your preference, adding Pilates fitness circuits into your routine will take your fitness to the next level as they target specific muscles to switch on or off whilst supporting the body using a system of different spring resistances or the body’s own weight leverage.


Ideal for clients who are looking to either return to fitness, get fit or get significantly fitter, Rock Pilates fitness circuits will:


Build core strength, strengthen and stabilise muscles around joints
Increase flexibility, lengthen and mobilise muscles
Improve muscle definition and tone, giving a leaner appearance
Improve coordination and posture
Improve balance
Enhances sports performance by addressing muscles imbalances to improve technique for specific sports, dance or martial arts
The reformer even has a jump board to provide you with a little cardio element to your fitness workout.

pilates studio prices

1 session


2 people / each


10 sessions


2 people / each


5 sessions


2 people / each


pilates studio opening times


9.00am – 7.30pm


9.00am – 5.30pm


9.00am – 5.30pm


9.00am – 5.30pm


2.00pm – 4.00pm

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Sports & Dance Conditioning

Pilates machines have been used for many years for training athletes and dancers to improve performance to aid injury recovery. By observing individual movement patterns, we can also help to identify potential weaknesses and help prevent injury going forward.

As an argentine tango dancer, I understand the demands being placed on a dancer’s body, both in performance and in class. I work with dancers recovering from injury before working to increase flexibility, strength and stability to prevent further injury. Together with each client I develop and continuously adjust their programme as their strength improved until the desired results are achieved.

I apply the same principles when working with clients in other sporting arenas and work with them to develop a programme of exercises specific to their field. By observing individual movement patterns, we can also help to identify potential weaknesses and help prevent injuries going forward.


pilates Q&A

Does it matter how fit I am before I start?

No, it doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch, have a little experience or a lot. The machines are adjustable and therefore, highly versatile so that your sessions will be tailored to your individual needs, whatever your current level of fitness and/or injury.

What if I have an injury?

Don’t worry, we will be asking you all about any injuries, operations or conditions during your consultation to ensure your programme sessions are designed with you in mind.

Tell me more about the Pilates studio apparatus and how they work?

Originally designed by Joseph Pilates to facilitate recovery among war veterans in hospital, the machines were later developed for use by dancers and athletes to enhance performance. Nowadays, they are still widely used in the sporting and dance world but are also extremely popular for improving general fitness and regaining fitness following injury, illness, surgery or for anybody living with painful conditions.


In Pilates fitness circuits you will get to experience each piece of equipment including the reformer, ladder barrel, Pilates chair, bench and tower. Occasionally it may be necessary to incorporate the smaller Pilates equipment such as resistance bands, balls and foam rollers.


The reformer uses a system of adjustable spring resistances with footstraps or handles to challenge muscles or support joints. The body is also supported to reduce load bearing, depending on individual needs and goals and which muscles are being targeted. It is an extremely effective piece of equipment which is why it is most of our clients’ favourite piece of equipment.


The Pilates chair is also uses spring resistances and pedals. Clients are able to sit, lie or stand and although the chair is great for strengthening the torso, abs and obliques, upper body and arms, it is particularly good for strengthening legs and glutes for climbing, balancing, walking and improving general function for sit to stand movements for rehab.


The ladder barrel is great for stretching quads, hamstrings and glutes and like all of the equipment, developing core strength and due to its shape, is great for spine mobility/flexibility and strength. The domed padded seat is also perfect for horse riders as clients are able to bring their saddle with them to use on the ladder barrel in order to observe and adjust their current movement patterns and, together with the practitioner, improve their posture, core strength and performance when riding.


From a sports conditioning perspective, the reformer is ideal for dancers, athletes as it strengthens core and increases flexibility, mobility and coordination and the jumpboard element is perfect for skiers wanting to get in shape for the season, whereas the Pilates chair, is great for racquet sports players, golfers, skiers, gymnasts and runners.


Studio circuits will strengthen joints, increase flexibility, develop core strength, correct posture, improve balance and tone the body using the same guiding principles of Pilates, while reformer jumpboards bring an excellent cardio element to your circuit workout.

How much are your online classes and how do I sign up?

Online classes are £6 per class and are payable in advance.  Email me at for details of how to access the online class.

Can I still come to your studio during the coronavirus outbreak?

Yes.  In line with current government advice, the Pilates equipment studio is open with appropriate Covid prevention measures in place.

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